Have Trouble Sleeping? Try these 6 tips for a restful night sleep!

Hi Sunshines,

Today’s topic is all about sleep. Sleep is not as simple as many of us think. Many of us struggle with getting a restful night sleep due to several things that may be conflicting with your sleeping environment. There’s many things most of us do that avoid our bodies from making that sleep connection that sends a signal to our brains letting our mind know its time for sleep. For some of you this may sound confusing but keep reading and allow me to share some interesting habits I’ve been applying for the past few years and my tips for a restful night of sleep.

Photo by: @SunKissAlba

One of the first things I did when switching to a natural living lifestyle is reduce the things that were throwing our body and mind off balance. I use to think sleep was just something we did, because I didn’t realize how much it’s needed and how badly I was treating myself by not allowing properly sleep. Did you know a person can become mentally sick and/or die from lack of sleep?  Sleep is highly important because without it your body cannot heal itself. I read an article that explained, while we sleep our mind and body is in recover mode and we need a well balanced of sleep environment in order to experience the healing and prevent further damage. Ironically, just like our mobile devices… If you don’t plug it into a charger everyday, the battery dies. Imagine your body is a cellphone. Now hold that thought…

My Tips For Restful Sleep:

#1: Get everything out of the way early in the day, so you can be in bed by 9:00pm (the latest) this is a habit that allows me to wake up early enough without feeling like I’ve been unplugged at 50% – Adults 20-30 years old require at least 7-8 hours of sleep in order to feel well rested and energized for the rest of the day. Teens and young adults need about 9-10 hours of sleep. Toddlers need about 12 hours daily. Try to get things done early in the day and get into the habit of prioritizing proper rest.

#2: What helps with getting things done? De-clutter and simplify your bedroom space for a worry free, tranquil ambient. This will help you wind down at a proper time, with less stress to worry about because you won’t feel like you left things un-done, therefor you’ll get better rest knowing that your room is visually set to sleep comfortably. The more you simplify your space, the less maintenance it requires and the easier it becomes to keep it clean. I am still working at this myself, but here’s a great photo example below.

Photo by: ZeroWasteHome.com


#3: Stay off your cell phone 1 (one) hour before you wind down for bed. Cell phones and other devices (even TV) have a blue light that blocks our brain from connecting with night time. If you don’t connect with night time your brain doesn’t produce it’s natural melatonin (as it’s naturally suppose to) because the artificial blue light from your cellphone and LED lights conflict with your brain, making it think it’s still day time, instead of night time. i-phone’s now have a “Night-shift” option which is helpful but its best to completely avoid being on your phone before bedtime, for several other reasons. On that note my next tip will make even more sense.


#4: I walk into my bedroom without my cell phone every night. Instead I make sure the volume is high (in case of an emergency call for my own peace of mind) and I place it in a cabinet in the kitchen or hallway shelf because when I wake up its the first place I walk by. The point is to keep it anywhere that’s outside of your bedroom, where you feel comfortable placing it. Some people prefer putting it in their bathroom cabinet before bed because its the first place they go to. Others prefer to just shut off their phones at night.  Here’s why mobile-devices and house phones are no good in your sleeping area:

  • Studies have shown that cell-phones release radiation. Radiation is linked to raising the risk of cancer. If we’re already using several forms of technology throughout the day it’s wise to reduce the use of it during the time were suppose to be sleeping so that our brains connect to the habit of sleeping for less radiation exposure and blue light interfering without our natural melatonin production.


#5: Turn off your wi-fi at night. You don’t need your wi-fi on while you sleep, and it literally takes 2 seconds to flip off a switch. If you think that’s extreme, I personally don’t even use wi-fi at home. I haven’t had wifi in my home for 3 years, and I work from home and support my online content just as well. I went back to the original internet connection (e-thernet wire) which is the non-wireless way internet worked before wi-fi came about. It’s already hard enough to get away from wifi as its literally everywhere now-a-days but here’s why I avoid it at home⇢ AVOIDING WIFI AT HOME

#6. Use more candles at night instead of your overhead ceiling lighting. If you’re blessed enough to have large windows with good daylight in your home, you don’t need to turn on your lights during day time (as often). Not only will this lower your electric bill but when darkness approaches you’d only use very few hours of your overhead lighting. I love candles at night because they do not interrupt our melatonin production. If you feel candles are un-safe I also suggest special light-bulbs. We use these on our bedside light for easy access to light at night if needed. “Blues Buster Full-Spectrum Light Bulbs”.



#7: This last tip is super helpful and probably the easiest one. If your bedroom windows have black-out curtains, your melatonin starts working much faster. I LOVE lighted room but I must admit that at night time, I do sleep much deeper and longer with the darkest room possible. It’s just like when you stay at a hotel and they have these huge black-out curtains that instantly darken any room even during day time. I got mine from West Elm and I got them in white so that during the day it doesn’t darken my bedroom’s white theme. They’re made thick enough to darken any room in any color.

All of this is based on experience. I use to have so much trouble falling asleep and even more trouble getting out of bed in the morning. I am a mom, and the truth is… I can’t even blame my child for being restless. It takes my son about 10 mins of laying down to knock out into deep sleep, and I too fall asleep as soon as I lay down in my bed, in my perfectly thought out bedroom, perfectly prepared for sleeping. My son goes into bed with a book, no technology and a very dim light with our special light bulbs and this does the trick. Try these tips at home and I am sure your sleep schedule will improve. Thanks for reading!




5 thoughts on “Have Trouble Sleeping? Try these 6 tips for a restful night sleep!

  1. I’ve been getting into the habit of not sleeping in bed with my phones. I must admit that sometimes I slip up, but for the most part, I adhere to this practice. I can also honestly say that it really does help.

    I’m going to try using candles more. I’ve been using them when I soak in tub and it is definitely more relaxing.


  2. I love this post Alba, it’s something I need to get better at but it’s always nice to remind myself of why indeed good quality sleep and what I need to do to make it better. Thanks for all your informative posts, you truly do your homework when it comes to giving the best info and it’s admirable! 😊


  3. I’m loving all this smacking blog post . You are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of better way /healthier/organic/back to basic way of living .


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