NON-TOXIC Period, Cramps + Menstrual Products!

Hello Sunshines,

Here’s a topic that I’ve been wanting to speak about for a long time. In this video (below) I explain the importance of knowing what’s in our menstrual products and why I made the switch to organic cotton tampons + pads a few years ago. I also provide safe options to consider whether you prefer disposable or re-usable feminine products. In the video I specify which ones I personally prefer and have trouble with. I hope you pay attention to this super important information, we all have the right to be aware of. Thank You all so much for tuning in. Enjoy, and be safe!


The average woman uses about 10,000 tampons in a lifetime! The FDA has not demanded feminine care products to disclose the use of ingredients and materials used in their products. The majority of tampons today contain synthetic materials and ingredients like pesticides, GMO’s, Acetone, Chlorine, BPA, fragrances and more! The materials and chemicals commonly found in non-organic tampons/pads is alarming and we have no idea how deeply it’s impacting our health. I personally believe these chemicals do have a huge impact on what enters our bodies as our vaginal tissue is in fact an absorbent delicate area. For me, its common sense that anything placed inside and on our vaginal tissue area will absorb into our reproductive system and blood stream.

Our feminine care products (tampons, pads, and feminine hygiene products) have been linked to (TSS) Toxic Shock Syndrome,  Cancer and Infertility. That’s just three of the possible harms we’re exposed to when using these products along with the daily exposure of toxins in our food, air pollution, body care, and cosmetics. Think about everything you used today before leaving the house, and how many ingredients you’re placing in and on your body? EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW WHATS BEING PLACED INSIDE THEIR PRODUCTS. Especially women because we expose ourselves to way more toxins in products than men do. We all have the right to chose between crappy ingredients and safe ingredients. It’s up to you to care enough and chose what your money supports.





Dr. Mercola’s Feminine Care Products



Diva Cup

Moon Cup

Glad Rags

Honest Company



(1) The Shocking Truth By: Dr. Mercola

(2) Burning comparison from toxic and non-toxic pads

(3) Women are being exposed to toxic chemicals in feminine care products


Shower Products, feminine hygiene & Deodorant (VIDEO)



2 thoughts on “NON-TOXIC Period, Cramps + Menstrual Products!

  1. Thank you Alba for this information. I currently do not have periods due to Endo Ablation. And Im on High Hormones to control Seizures. But I know eventually ill have to discontinue and my lining of my uterus will thicken again. This is excellent information i will keep because im on the path of using all natural products for everything. Please keep me posted. I am forwarding this info to my neice who has female issues. 😊


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