The BEST Coffee ever by: SunKissAlba

Hello Sunshines,

My husband and I take our morning coffee very seriously and I’ve always wanted to show you how I make it every morning. Here is a detailed written post with all the information on why I make it this way along with the visual video. Enjoy!


  1. The first and most important step is using clean filtered water.
    This is the AquaTru™ filter which is the first ever counter top reverse osmosis system of filtration for clean pure drinking water with less toxicity. This filter takes out a significant amount of toxic elements like chlorine, fluoride, lead, aluminum, mercury and several more! Read more about AquaTru’s filtration abilities here⇠


  2.  I always use whole coffee beans to grind my coffee every morning. I get my organic whole bean coffee from different places but here are some of my best options in my experience for you to chose from.
    EnerHealth NutriCafe Organic Immune Support Coffee
    Bullet Proof Coffee Beans
    – Whole Foods (Bulk) Organic Coffee Beans (you pick & pack it yourself)
  3. The amount of coffee you grind depends on the amount you plan to drink, the strength of caffeine you prefer and the amount of water you use. This is all determined from the experience of making the coffee as you develop your own preference with amount and taste. I personally do not measure the amount because Ive been making it for so many years now that I simply eye out the amount Id like to make.
  4. Why I use the Brain Octane BulletProof Oil in coffee?

– Helps your body burn fat
– Supports cognitive performance
– Quality fats that don’t weigh you down
– Distilled from 100% pure coconut oil

I use coconut sugar and sometimes NO sugar at all (which is always the better option) but if I am using sugar I prefer NUTIVA Organic Coconut sugar and use as little as possible to my taste.


To transition away from all sugar, I recommend using any flavor of sweet leaf stevia which is 100% no sugar at all, just a plant sweetener that will sweeten anything with just 3-5 drops.

To make it the BulletProof way, use full fat butter instead of sugar. Here’s how and why?

Milk is optional. I get my milk from our local organic farm. You do not need to add milk though. You can use any milk of your choice or simply follow the BulletProof method with only butter. Its up to you.




• Chemex Coffee Maker
– Glass brewer + natural paper filters
• Cuisinart Coffee Grinder
• Bonavita Water Kettle
• Stainless Steel pot to warm up milk
• Vitamix Blender
• Glass or Ceramic Mugs


Himalayan Pink Salt
BulletProof Brain Octane
Nutiva Coconut Sugar
World Berries: Cocoa Nibs
Butter and/or Milk

Blend it well and enjoy this creamy delicious cup!



Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The BEST Coffee ever by: SunKissAlba

  1. The only coffee I have ever had was Bustelo. You can thank my mom and grandmother for that lol. I’ve never really seen so much preparation and specifics when it comes to coffee drinking. It makes me curious enough to try other processes.


  2. I love how serious you are about coffee making, I am too!! And I also love when you make this type of videos/posts, on your day to day life 😉


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