Organic Non-Toxic Bed!

Hey Sunshines,

I’ve just uploaded a new #AboutThatLife vlog where I give you a first look room tour of my son’s bedroom but here on my blog, I want to provide you with more information about his bed and why we’ve chosen this type of bedding. Enjoy!


We recently moved into our new home and our first goal here is to set up Manny’s room in a simplistic, minimal natural theme that’s efficient and comfortable for his everyday life. Along with this we want him to be in a space that is non-toxic to his health. As many of you already know, Manny is already dealing with so much and as parents we want to reduce and avoid any added toxicity to his life as much as we can. So, of course we were on the search for the best of the best when shopping for his bed and mattress. Thankfully as I was scrolling through Instagram I came across SAVVY REST.

You should first know that toxic chemicals in the home including those in mattresses, bedding, sofas and other furniture are dangerous to health. Most mattresses carry chemical flame retardants which have been linked to cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders. Along with other unsafe chemicals in synthetic foams and textiles, and they off-gas into our indoor air, easily ingested by us and our children. Exposure to these compounds has resulted in unprecedented levels in our bodies, with children carrying the highest load. Nontoxic, natural latex foam mattresses and sofas without flame retardants offer a safer alternative and safer is all I want for my child.


For Manny, we selected the Queen Serenity Mattress and the Esmont Bed in the color walnut. We chose a queen size because this is a long term bed. He may be small now but in a few years he will be passed my height! His dad is 6″5 and he is growing quicker than his dad did at his age. This queen bed will support him throughout his growth and because it’s a simple, classic, and timeless, it will also evolve within his future style as he develops his own taste. I’m pretty sure this is a bed he’ll love and enjoy for years!

Natural latex organic mattresses are made with layers of Soft, Medium or Firm latex foam rubber. The casings are made of pure organic cotton with organic wool batting quilted inside. NO chemical flame retardants, pesticides, bleaches, dyes or other toxic finishes.

His room is set up in a minimalist style with only the things he needs, uses, and enjoys. We also avoid buying his super stimulating toys so most of his toys do not have flashing lights, technology based, or super modern. We believe the old fashion way of playing allows his brain to understand and experience a simpler way of using his imagination without the influence of technology affecting his creativity level. This has also helped him focus and learn without feeling overwhelmed by his environment.


Savvy Rest Queen ESMONT bed (walnut)
Savvy Rest Queen Serenity Mattress
Old Ikea bookshelf (for less “fresh from the factory” chemicals)
Organic Hemp Blanket/Throw by: iLoveBadOrganics
Moose Stuffed Animal: Whole Foods
Organic Sheets: Target





5 thoughts on “Organic Non-Toxic Bed!

  1. I didn’t even know they made such a thing. But it totally makes sense, considering the fact that this was the first kind to ever be made anyway. I love the minimalist vibe for his room. We’ve recently had to remodel our home after a really big flood that pretty much wiped out our neighborhood, and I’ve been leaning more towards a neutral and minimalistic home as well. I’m going to check out these out!


  2. Hey Alba! I recently purchased a king size mattress from Sleep On Latex…what do you think about that company? It’s pure latex from sri lanka with organic cotton and wool as the top top layer…everything else is just latex. 

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