My Frida Style Inspiration

Hi Sunshines,

I am a huge Frida Kahlo fan (not surprising, right?) Recently I’ve been inspired by her style, and I like to think we have things in common like our love for plants, and art so I decided to film a ‘Get ready with me’ video to implement some of the things from Frida’s style into my own style. Frida has inspired us all in different ways and one of the things I love about her is her unique classic style while embracing her true authentic taste without trying to fit into anyone else’s. Here’s what I put together, inspired by Frida and staying true to my own beauty without replicating hers.

In this video you’ll see me get ready as I create a classic makeup look and crown braid inspired by Frida’s legendary style. Red lips, red nails, several unique rings, floral summer outfit and a floral head piece is what I consider Frida has influenced in my style.

Frida BlogFrida 2 blogFrida Blog1

If you’re also an admirer of Frida’s art and style, the book I featured in this video is a perfect way to understand her work and her life as an artist.

Kahlo BookFrida Book Page

The Book is by: Andrea Kettenmann available at Urban Outfitters

What I’m wearing?
Romper Overalls: H&M
Crop Long Sleeve Shirt: American Apparel
Floral Gold Head Piece: Urban Outfitters
Jewelry: PANDORA Jewelry


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