Work Space + Vanity Room Tour #SunKissHOME

Hi Sunshines,

I’ve decided to start a new home series on my Youtube channel called #SunKissHOME where instead of showing you a full “home tour” I only show you certain rooms/parts of my home, I feel comfortable showing publicly. Ive shown you parts of my living room in a previous blog post, and so many of you liked it. Now, this is episode #1 from the #SunKissHOME series. This is the room where all my Youtube content/work takes place, and where I get ready everyday because this room contains my closet, my vanity, my work desk, and a sofa for added comfort. It’s my safe place, my sanctuary, my chill spot and my think zone, all in one. I really focused on making this room a place of inspiration and comfort and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for watching and stay tuned by subscribing to my channel so you don’t miss any upcoming videos from my channel.






• Desk Drawers: IKEA (Alex Drawer unit)
• Acrylic Chair: IKEA (Tobias)
• Cube Shelf Unit: IKEA (Billy)
• Vanity Mirror:
$20. OFF Code: ‘SunKissAlba’
• Table Top: custom made size (Lowes)
• Marble Wallpaper: Amazon + Taget
• Chair Pillows: Target
• Moroccan Pillow Throw: HomeGoods
• Pouf: HomeGoods
• Blue Large Planter: HomeGoods
• Gold Tier End Tables: Urban Outfitters
• Lens Cup: Urban Outfitters
• Wall Planter: Urban Outfitters
• Sheer Curtains: Urban Outfitters
• Macrame Crochet Portal: Urban Outfitters
• Macrame Plant Hanger: Etsy
• White Sofa Futon: Wayfair
• Brass Curtain Rod: Wayfair
• Round End Table: Wayfair
• Mirrored Trio Stands: Wayfair
• Mosaic Panels Champagne : Pier1
• Chandelier Floor Lamp: Pier1
• All Cement Planter Pots: Target
• Terra Cotta Pots: Garden Stores
• Pencil Holder & Pencils: Target
• Kate Spade Gold Stapler
• Gold Folder/Magazine Storage: Target
• Vintage Rotatory Phone: Amazon
• Tall Floor Mirror: IKEA
• Gold Hand Duo: Wayfair
• Gold Vanity Mirror: Target
• Gold Jewelry Box: Target
• 3 Crystal Candle Holders for Brushes: Wayfair


One thought on “Work Space + Vanity Room Tour #SunKissHOME

  1. Your space is so beautiful! I love how you’ve decorated it. I’d totally fail at a white room with white furniture. LOL!


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