Casual Everyday Style

Hi Sunshines,

A few weeks ago I got these photos taken on a typical day of running errands and attending interview/meetings. My outfit on this day was the perfect example of my everyday casual style. Lucky for me I was unexpectedly shot by a photographer (@joe_chea) who captured these great shots. Here are some details on what I’m wearing, head to toe.

Blog NY Casual1Blog NY Casual11

I went for a matchy-matchy sort of look, combining two dark blues. The sweater has textured horizontal stripes that give off a slightly different blue due to the texture change. So, in my opinion the matchy-matchy navy blue’s worked perfectly because the texture made it not so plain. My grey t-shirt has thin vertical stripes. I think the texture strips makes it a little more formal than a basic cotton t-shirt. I always love how navy blue and light grey work together. To keep the low-key colors going, instead of wearing a dark colored bag, I decided to wear this olive green bag because it adds more color while not being to loud for this casual attire. Although there’s nothing wrong with adding a pop of color if you like… it works either way.


Blog NY Casual9

• My jeans are navy blue, stretchy, high waisted skinny’s from: Fashion Nova
• My cardigan sweater is actually a spontaneous purchase I made at the LAX airport
• My grey “sweater-like” T-shirt is from Urban Outfitters
• My black booties are from Top Shop (2 yrs old) They’re semi-comfortable but bearable
• My olive green bag is from Target

Blog NY Casual5Blog NY Casual4Blog NY CAsual10

Interested in seeing how I did my makeup?

This is my latest basic makeup routine for all occasions. I did this same look in the photos on this post (except the lips are different in the video tutorial) ENJOY!

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Photos taken by: @joe_chea
Location: Manhattan, NY
Blog NY Casual12



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