DIY Eco-Friendly: Waste Reduction, Re-usable Beauty + Recycling

Hey Sunshines!

Happy Earth Day! in honor of earth day, I want to share with you some fun and easy ways Ive started to Reduce waste, Re-use beauty items and Recycle with ease in my home. Ive noticed that the majority of my waste starts in my bathroom with the many beauty/bath products I tend to accumulate. I created a short video showing you a few easy Eco-friendly habits I practice. Starting off by showing you how Ive created a DIY Recycling Bin in my bathroom, and my favorite Re-usable items to use daily in our lifestyle without having to re-purchase or create more waste. See my official video below ♼


The thought of reducing waste has helped me filter out the things I need and want. Here are some good habits that have worked for me, and can also help save money!

•1) It is said that most people don’t think of recycling bathroom products because there’s usually no recycle bin in the bathroom, so we tend to throw out our items all in 1 basket. See how I’ve made my own DIY recycle bin, in the video above↑

• 2) Reduce waste and de-clutter your home by getting into the habit of not buying unnecessary items you don’t NEED while shopping. This will help you make wise decisions without overloading your home with items that aren’t essential.

• 3) Start a shopping rule for yourself. For example… Do not buy a shampoo if you have not finished the one you have at home. Do not buy another lotion until you’re done with your current ones at home. Make sure you own basic items first before exploring the items you may never use again. This not only reduces waste, it keeps your wallet happy too.

• 4) Re-use your glass jars for storage and DIY projects like my DIY Whitening Toothpaste and my DIY Body Scrubs. You can use glass gars for your homemade guacamole, salsa, soups, dips and more! I also make my own facial toner with apple cider vinegar and my own counter top disinfectant with white vinegar. This helps you buy less, and waste less.

• 5) Make your own re-usable toner pads out of an organic cotton material or purchase fabric. Its very easy. All you need is cotton/hemp fabric, scissors to cut the fabric into circle shapes, a needle, and some thread to hand sew the edges closed. If you don’t want to make it yourself you can also purchase re-usable cotton pads on etsy and amazon.

• 6) Instead of buying those plastic loofahs and body scrubbers, invest in 1-2 organic cotton wash cloths like the one in my video. Its perfect for daily use, its washable and re-usable. To exfoliate, I love dry-brushing my skin with a wooden body brush which can help detox and release toxins out of your skin when done often.

• 7) Get into the habit of donating your un-wanted clothing, furniture, and other items that can be useful to others. You can find local donating centers online based on your zip-code and you can find recycle centers that will gladly take your items, recycle it, re-purpose it, and give it a new life. This a way to re-create your unwanted items and reduce waste. Find your local recycle centers at

•8) If you find composting a hassle at home, and don’t have a compost bin in your property, do I what I do. I place my compost in a large bag and store it in my freezer. Freezing your compost will preserve your trash, prevent rotting, prevent bugs in your home and bad smells. When the bag is full or when I’m able/ready to take it out, I bring it to the Union Square 14th Street Farmers Market, where there are several compost bins for farmers take back with them and use it for their soil. You don’t have to compost at home. You can simply give back to the earth by bringing your decompose-able foods like egg shells, fruit/vegetable scraps, and even loose hair you collect from your hairbrush. Put it all in your compost bag, stick it in your freezer, then take it to your local compost bins. Its that simple to give back to the earth.

There’s much more tips I’d like to share with you. Like home plants for your air quality, growing food from seeds you collect from fruits and decorating your home with nature accents that will last forever. I will always share more and explore more with you. But for now, Thanks for reading.

Happy Earth Day!



2 thoughts on “DIY Eco-Friendly: Waste Reduction, Re-usable Beauty + Recycling

  1. This was really helpful, thank you for a great post. I didn’t know you didn’t have to compost at home and I’m going to try the organic towels too.


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