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Today I want to share my views on Organic & Natural beauty brands, and my top recommendations. To understand the importance in using and buying organic products we must first eliminate our usual way of thinking when we see the label “Organic” or “Natural” while shopping. There’s a lot we should question and a lot to keep in mind when choosing our products. First thing we must address is… Why are Organic & Natural products more expensive? in comparison to the standard toxic brands we see in advertisements, magazines, TV commercials, drugstores and other accessible shops like, Target, Sephora, CVS, Ulta, and department stores. See my detailed video below. (it’s a fun and entertaining video while addressing this  topic) 😉 I am truly so proud of that video and I hope you find my research and experience helpful.

The main point I try to make is that, the same way we question “Why organic product are so expensive?” we should also question “Why is this other product so cheap?” When questioning this and truly comparing both from the ingredients list to the company and manufacturer, we then begin to understand the actual difference and why we should pay more for higher quality and safer ingredients that are NON-TOXIC.

Why do I care about Non-Toxic ingredients? The products we consider cheaper and easier to buy are cheap and easy for a reason. You should look into each ingredient because, honestly most of the time I can’t define, pronounce, or understand what the ingredients mean, what they are, and why they’re there. We must question… Is it a necessary ingredient or not? I can guarantee that once you look this up for yourself and get familiar with your beauty products you will find that many of those CHEAP ingredient products are more affordable because their ingredients are not naturally derived or clean (therefor very cheap) Most of them contain man-made chemicals that are TOXIC and linked to various diseases and illnesses like Cancer, In-fertility, birth defects, skin conditions and more. Now, is a cheap toxic beauty product worth it if there’s a chance it can contribute to an unwanted illness?




When we see a product cover with the statement ORGANIC or NATURAL… it does not necessarily guarantee that this product is in fact “All Natural” or “All Organic” simply using the word Organic and Natural is a product sales strategy to make you assume its Naturally Derived, Plant Based, Non-Toxic, and free of harmful Chemicals. In some packaging you may see trick wording like “contains natural ingredients” or “infused with plant derived ingredients” again, this does not mean the product is in fact clean and non-toxic. The best way to know if it’s in fact naturally derived or how much of it is Natural, you must start looking at your products ingredients and little by little familiarize yourself with them. Which ones are needed, what they’re used for,why its there, is it safe, is it clean? and so on…

About 3-4 years ago my sister-in-law gave me this little booklet she purchased at a small natural food market in Long Island City, NY. It gives an A-Z list on common synthetic ingredients used in cosmetics. This booklet is how I began to familiarize myself with ingredients and comparing to my products. I’m still learning today. You can get the booklet through here⇢

More Ingredients Dictionary:

By: Aubrey Hampton
By: Ruth Winter
By: Star Khechara

Organic sketch




SUZANNE ORGANICS by: Suzanne Somers

These are the brands I go for often because they’re more on the clean & safe side. Although they’re not all equal, I like the ingredients and consider them high quality.

makeup swatch


I use many more brands than the list above on my YouTube Channel but they’re not all 100% organic. I wish they were though… On my channel I try to feature many options and variety. I try to feature new brands in my content while staying true to what I believe in. There are products that I know are not fully clean but I still use them on occasions or when filming a video in order to fully execute a killer look… But for sure, I completely stay away from the larger obvious toxic brands like; L’Oreal, Maybelline, Clinique, MAC etc… In fact I completely trashed those brands around January 2014 when I decided to start new. They are never an option for me and I no longer own any of them. You can see the switch I made through my older YouTube videos from 2013-2014



Shea Moisture’s cosmetics are not fully clean nor states that it is. You’ll see them often in my videos because 1. I’ve been a fan of their hair products for over 5 years 2. because they do not use the common synthetics and toxic ingredients like; Parabens, Sulfates, Silicone, Phthalates, Mineral Oil & Synthetic Fragrances. They’re Hypoallergenic and Non-comedogenic. Although their Hair Products contain much cleaner ingredients in comparison to their makeup, I adjust them into my videos because I like the quality, how it looks and feels.

HONEST BEAUTY is fairly new and I began to use them because 1. I LOVE the Honest Company home cleaning products and I’ve been using them since they started because they’re non-toxic and safe for my family to inhale. I clean my home with their products and use the baby products for my son (so yes… I’m a fan) 2. I like Honest Beauty’s intentions and the ingredients in their makeup although you may find 1 or 2 ingredients that require explanation on where they’re derived from. Overall they are a good brand and I like using their concealer and blush often.

MINERAL FUSION is a another brand that does not label themselves as organic but has some clean ingredients listed. I’m not sure of the source or where its derived from but I gave them a try because they’re available at Whole Foods Market and has a light non-clogging quality.

JOSIE MARAN is a brand that does label itself as organic and natural. I use to be a huge fan of their SPF lotion and Self Adjusting foundation (as you can see in my tutorials) but I’ve recently found out that JOSIE MARAN has sold the company to LVMH (who also owns Sephora) knowing this, there’s no guarantee that the products and ingredients will remain the same.

TARTE point blank… NOT a clean brand but is often assumed by many that it is. I use to think so myself. I still own a few Tarte products and have used them on special occasions like on my wedding day and still use their primer on special occasions today but I cannot place them on the clean list. By the way, it’s available at Sephora too.


I hope this post has helped you develop a better idea on what clean beauty products to look for, what to stay away from. Always do your own research and let experience be your best coach. Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Clean Organic Beauty Products + Brands

  1. So grateful to have come across your youtube channel and your blog. I have been so keen with everything you post especially this. Trying to stay as clean/healthy as i can both in and out. You are a blessing keep it up.. xx


  2. Absolutely love this post for anyone trying to go more natural and find out information!!! It’s amazing how our lives, skin, and hair transform once we make the switch to the god stuff!!!


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