Quick & Easy Healthy Meals | SunKissAlba

Heyyy SunShines!

First off… I know I’m far from a chef or a cook but I consider myself really good at making healthy things taste better than you think they would lol 🙂 here it goes!

THE SMOOTHIE BOWL: Insert 2 Organic Bananas, Chopped Organic Mango, and Harvest Bay Coconut Water in a blender (I use a Vitamix Blender)

TOPPINGS: Nutiva Chia Seeds, A handful of Sprouted Almonds, & fresh organic Raspberries


EGG + SPINACH COCONUT WRAP: 1-2 Organic Scrambled Eggs, Raw Organic Spinach, Himalayan Sea Salt + Black Pepper (*optional* Add tomatoes) 1 Paleo Wrap

Paleo wraps are made of only coconut meat therefor no wheat, no grains, no gluten, no carbs! Yes!


EGG STUFFED AVOCADO: 1 organic avocado & organic 2 eggs with Himalayan Salt & Pepper

Cook at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes but for soft or runny eggs cook only for 15 minutes and for harder eggs cook for 20-25 mins

*Optional: Add hot sauce or spread on a cracker


CLASSIC LARGE SALAD: In a big bowl add… Lettuce, Organic Broccoli, Organic baby tomatoes, Spinach and Avocado pieces

Homemade Dressing: In a blender add freshly squeezed lemon juice (I used 2 large lemons) 10-15 raw Garlic cloves, 2-3 Spoons of Olive Oil *Optional: sprinkle some salt & Pepper) Blend until its all liquid and pour over the sald

Add Organic Baked chicken and/or Chopped Mango’s for a sweet & sour delight!

Español? SEE THIS VIDEO IN SPANISH http://www.Youtube.com/SunKissAlbaParaTi


Thanks for Reading!




5 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Healthy Meals | SunKissAlba

  1. Hi Alba! Not sure if you will get this but my husband and I are wanting to switch to a more natural and organic lifestyle. Yikes! Ithe feels like it’s going to be quite the switch but I want to do it for my soon to be 3 year old. She has a bit of a hard time going to the restroom and I’m wondering if it’s the food. We don’t give her sweets and fast food during the week. I do my best to make sure she eats healthy but I want to introduce her to more healthier food choices. I actually just saw a video of Manny eating cauliflower with cinnamon. Was it cooked, raw? Was butter added to it? That’s the kind of snacks I want to introduce to her more of. Thanks for your inspiring videos, Venessa


  2. Loved your video on healthy food and the fact that you gave us the receipe over here,brilliant..Please do more food videos…


    1. Currently because of where I’m living in NY I buy them at 2 different local natural food markets near my area as its most convenient. I don’t give up the name because it’s not a franchise or known state wide, so for safety purposes I don’t say. You can search your own area through your maps by typing key words like “organic, health, natural food, or nature” and you can get to know the small local stores near you. When I lived in the city Manhattan/Brooklyn I always shopped at whole foods and also am a member of a farm co-op that delivers to my location.


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