Knowing Hair Porosity + Maintenance

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Have you ever wondered what “Hair Porosity” actually means? and how is it useful to know what level of porosity you are? well in the above video I break down the basics of what it is and how to determine your porosity with a simple water test. But Here I want to expand some of that information with more detail and what you can do to maintain your hair at its best health potential. Definition: Porosity; is the quality of being porous, or full of tiny holes. Liquids go right through things that have porosity. Go back far enough and you’ll find that porosity stems from the Greek word poros for “pore,” which means “passage.”

Hair Porosity basically determines how well you hair can absorb moisture from water & ingredients from products. Levels can be from High, Normal, or Low. I happen to be Low Porosity based on the water test I did, and the information I gathered on both High and Low Porosity to determine which one seems most accurate to my own hair.

Porosity Levels

LOW POROSITY: Absorbs less water and moisture into the hair due to the cuticles of the hair being flat, closed, or porous enough to allow water and moisture inside. Low porosity tends to have more product buildup because since the hair cuticles are not allowing moisture inside it also doesn’t let products out, Ingredients/Products just sit on top of the hair.

HIGH POROSITY: is known to be porous, letting water and moisture in very easily due to the cuticles of the hair being open. High Porosity hair lets ingredients inside but, because the hair is so porous it lets out the moisture from ingredients very quickly and easily due to the large openings in the hair cuticle.

NORMAL POROSITY a.k.a MEDIUM POROSITY: is hair that allows moisture inside and does not release the moisture out as quickly. It holds moisture long enough for the hair to have a well balanced moisture for a longer amount of time, making the hair super cooperative and healthy looking. Basically, this is the healthier one.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.50.24 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.21.53 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 9.22.09 PM

Ideally what we want from Hair Porosity is to Normalize it. Which means our PH balance must be at a normal/medium level. This is something that is beyond topical products and ingredients. Your genetics, and your lifestyle plays a huge role in your Ph level. One way we can assure to have a more normal ph level is by consuming clean filtered water (uncontaminated) daily, internally and externally. While we shower and cleanse our hair. A little A.C.V (Apple Cider Vinegar) can help your Ph level internally and externally therefor helping to clarify the hair and your moisture absorption cooperate.

Consider investing in an at home water filter for your shower and daily consumption so you can just refill your re-usable water bottles for you to drink daily and shower with clean toxic free water.

Mercola Filter

Dr. Mercola Shower Filter Available Here:


Berkey Water Filters require no under the sink installation. Just make sure to get the fluoride free filter inserts because it removes the most out of the water you drink, therefor the cleanest water. Available Here:

SM High Porosity

SM Low Porosity

Try out one of the NEW Shea Moisture Porosity collection, specialized for High Porosity and Low Porosity. Available at Target!


Thanks for reading! ♥Alba


13 thoughts on “Knowing Hair Porosity + Maintenance

  1. I haven’t tried the test yet but I was wondering what if you had like one porosity near the root of your hair and a different one say maybe from heat damage or color treated hair near the ends, if that were to be the case which porosity should I concentrate on the one near my scalp of the damaged ones or would I have to use both Shea products. I hope this made sense lol thanks for sharing!!


  2. Hi Alba, following your sugestión I stared using the Shea Moisture High Porosity collection. I love how it leaves my hair. Thank you again for talking about hair porosity!!!
    I tried the MONGONGO & HEMP SEED OILS HIGH POROSITY MOISTURE-SEAL SHAMPOO, but it lathers really good. It’s safe to use it every week? Btw, I try to wash my hair only once a week. Or should I use the SheaMoisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-Seal Co-Wash?
    Gracias chica!


  3. Hi, Alba I washed my hair and put the strand in the cup it sank but I used warm water in the shower! I did the test before with dirty hair and it floated so I’m confused what should I do for the test to be more affective!


  4. He leido un poco sobre Porosity pero no lo habia entendido tanto como ahora. Gracias por un excelente articulo y sugerencias.
    Cuando llegue a casa me hare el test para salir de dudas.


  5. Does it have glycerin someone told me it does. I thought that wasn’t good to put in our hair. Has Shea moisture has changed their ingredients?


  6. Hi Alba,
    Thanks for this information! Have you ever styled your hair without doing the finger coiling? Just curious to how your curl pattern looks without it. Thanks!


  7. Excellent information Alba!!! I definitely have Low Porosity hair. I will follow the maintenance recommended for Low Porosity hair! You are awesome Alba!!


  8. I think I have Low Porosity because my hair is thin and a bit damaged from washing it in hot water but I definitely will be trying this and definitely want to try either brand once I know what my hair is👍🏼 great blog Post Alba ❤️😘 xoxo


    1. Well based on what you said, it sounds more like high porosity, but try the water test with a clean dry hair strand to be sure. Read the section I posted that describes what each high & low porosity is and how to maintain it

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