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Hi Sunshines,

If you’re reading this it’s because you probably watched one of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways video and you’re here to know and the rules! Please read carefully⇢ RULES + GUIDELINES (Click Here)

Brief⇢ from December 9th to December 20th I will be releasing 12 giveaways, for 12 winning subscribers, for 12 days. I will be selecting 1 winner from each of my 12 videos comments section and I will announce all 12 giveaway winners names on December 21st (which is the day after the last Giveaway) All winners will be announced on my YouTube channel and in a new blog post.

PS: In your comment entry please provide a form of contact through social media so that I can easily find you and contact you if you are the winner. The reason for this is that many times people enter giveaways but their YouTube account is set to private or provides no contact information or link to your social media accounts, which makes it impossible to find you therefor you may be disqualified. Keep in mind, If your account is private I cannot reply to your comments or see any information on your page.


Good Luck Sunshines!


Reference: http://www.youtube.com/t/community_guidelines


613 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Giveaway | SunKissAlba

  1. My favorite holiday dish or meal is Christmas and Christmas dinner. My Big Momma Ham and Chicken and dressing. Her Carmel cake. Now that she is in heaven I think about her and Christmas dinner all the time. Merry Christmas to you and your family! GOD BLESS YOU All Always!


  2. am I late! I really will like anything fro shea moisture Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!


  3. My beauty tip would have to be refrigerating my eye cream
    The coldness of the cream helps with de puffing under eye bags.
    Twitter scottmjo_jo


  4. I can’t go a day with out coffee and tea. Seems I’ve grown rather dependent on it. The way I drink my coffee is simply black- typically because of health purposes 🙂


  5. A life changing moment for me was when I first laid eyes on my son. I had my son at a young age, even had him alone in the hospital. Of course I was extremely young and scared but when I saw him for the first time, all the worries instantly disappeared. ❤ you son ~


  6. My beauty facial routine is putting melaleuca oil with my faciAL moisturizer after I wash my face. It has cleared my skin of any pimples completely, and God knows hormonal acne is the most difficult to get rid of when you’re older!!!


  7. (Day 11)
    Hey Gorgeous! My name is Esma,

    A beauty “routine” that I can never go without when going somewhere special is 1)Taking a shower 2)Styling my hair with a product WHILE MY HAIR IS SOAKING, DRIPPING, WET! – of course after rinsing it with freezing cold water 😉 3)Brushing my teeth 4)Washing my face with a facial cleasner.
    It’s very simple, I know, but I find that natural beauty is something you can never replicate.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been in love with you since I first came across your curly hair routine. At the time I wanted to be natural like you and thanks to you I have become more natural with not just my hair, but also my body so THANK YOU!

    Esma Esa*

    Email: anonymous519131@gmail.com
    instagram: anonypent


  8. I am a muslim and the special thing about my holiday is as a tradition we buy new outfit to wear on that day. We cook alot. Then in that morning we ( the Muslim brothers and sisters ) would gather at a mosque to do a prayer. Afterwards we would take alot of pictures,the elderly would give money to the young ones, and the we would go home to eat our meals. In the afternoon we as a family would go out to greet families and friends at their house.


  9. (Day 2)
    A life changing moment for me is when I learned that my cousin got mental issues from doing drugs in college. That impacted me so much because my family had me living in a bubble and I always believed that my family was special and perfect because my parents and relatives didn’t tell me anything. But that just popped my happy lovey dovey bubble and made me realize that life is not perfect, the world is not perfect and that it was time to finally grow up and mature out of the bubble.
    PS; i know it’s really late to comment but it’s because it is something that I haven’t shared with anybody yet and I was skeptical about sharing it now.


  10. The best thing about being a woman is that one women can make a big family by having children if they can. And the worst is having your periods and going through A rough pregnancy. But after having your baby you basically forget all the hard times you went through.


  11. The best thing about being a woman is that one women can make a big family by having children is they can. And the worst is having your periods and going through A rough pregnancy. But after having your baby you basically forget all the hard times you went through.


  12. Hello Alba!!!!

    The last day of your give away and I must say its really been something I’ve enjoyed!!! I really liked answering your questions. Even if I don’t win anything I just really liked answering these questions. You made it real simple and fun!!! The give aways are all pretty nice to. My favorite dish is most certainly baked Mac and cheese!!!!! It’s just something about baked Mac and cheese that just does it for me!!! I LOVE😍😍 cheese first and foremost. What I love most about baked Mac and cheese is how its made the most and I believe it inhances the favor of Mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is boring when you just cook it. That’s why I love when its baked because it just gives it an extra pop. You cook it regularly on the stove top then when you go to bake it you add shredded cheese and milk. The shredded cheese just gives it more flavor to me!!!

    Email: saintsmj987@gmail.com
    IG: mopanda23
    Facebook: Monica Newman
    YouTube: Monica Newman


  13. My beautiful facial routine (which is not much) but I try to use less products on my body because its really sensitive. I use Dr.Bonners soap and Aveeno that has fragrance free. As for my face I use a sponge to clean my face. And I can go without doing it morning and evening.


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