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Hey Sunshines!

Today I happily introduce to you the “Camille Rose Naturals – Algae Renew Deep Conditioner” and a special GIVEAWAY by “Camille Rose Naturals” at the end of this post! Lets begin by explaining how I deep condition with my Algae Renew Deep Conditioner to prevent and lessen Hair Breakage, Thinning, and Shedding instantly!




The CRN Algae Renew Deep Conditioner is an intense deep conditioning treatment for all hair types that will instantly strengthen your hair with contact.  This is the first time Ive ever used a product with Blue Green Algae in it, and I was super excited about using it because, Algae is well known for its amazing health benefits in healing and recovering from within. Did you know that fish actually obtain their Omega-3 from Algae! and Just a little FYI… Algae contains tons of vitamins, mineral, antioxidants and biotin, which are all extremely beneficial to all hair types but its especially helpful for those with weak hair. So Here’s a step by step on how I deep conditioned with the “Camille Rose Naturals – Algae Renew Deep Conditioner” + Giveaway at the end!


1. I applied it right after cleansing my hair in the shower, and I used it to finger detangle as well


2. You can wrap your hair up like I did in the above photo, then wrap it in a plastic cap to deep condition for 30mins or 1 hour for more hydration depending on your hair needs. For super intense hydration you can leave this in over night with a plastic cap + head wrap to prevent a messy pillow case, and rinse out in the morning.

CRN 5 Water

3. Rinse out with COLD WATER to lock in moisture with added shine and prevent frizz during styling

CRN 6 Selfie

Viola! Lastly I styled my hair as usual with minimal product and here are my end results! I will continue to use this product monthly to help my hair maintain strong and healthy but for those of you with more problematic hair, you can start off using this once a week or once every other week depending on how much you feel is needed.


3 products Giveaway

3 products for each 3 winners: [Curl Love Moisture Milk] – [Fresh Curl Revitalizing Hair Smoother] – [Algae Renew Deep Conditioner]


1. Follow this Blog {}

2. Comment on this post and tell me whats your hair type and what is your biggest hair issue at the moment

3. Follow and Comment on the Camille Rose Naturals Instagram photo of myself at @camillerosenaturals on Instagram (preview photo below)

4. Winners must have a USA Address to win

CRN 6 Selfie<COMMENT ON THIS PHOTO @camillerosenaturals

I will choose winners through comments on this post and the Camille Rose Natural Instagram picture post of myself . Just follow the above rules and you’re set! I will announce the 3 winners on this blog and via: twitter & Instagram @SunKissAlba on “Aug 25 2014″

Thank you all for reading!



192 thoughts on “Reduce Hair Shedding, Thinning & Breakage | SunKissAlba

  1. Hello,I read your blogs named “Reduce Hair Shedding, Thinning & Breakage | SunKissAlba – SunKissAlba” on a regular basis.Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about love spells.


  2. Hello Alba,

    My hair type is 3B/3C hard to curl hair. My biggest issue is retaining moisture and hair loss. I started curling my hair in April. I have noticed when I wash and detangle my hair a lot of hair is coming out. I use wide combs and now I stopped and use my fingers. Any advice will be appreciated.


  3. For some reason, after i gave birth for the first time, I started to get alot of hair breakage – and it was due to my hair being brittle and just not getting the nutrition it needed. You need to use a weekly hair mask to keep your hair soft – I use the Shielo Intensive Hair Mask once per week now for about 2 months, and I have NO breakage. Its a quick weekly treatment, and it makes my hair look so good. Here is the link:


  4. I had really bad hair breakage last year – it was from getting too many perms and running my blow drier too hot – Im in a rush sometimes! Now I use the Shielo Intensive Hair Mask ONLY once per week, and my hair has gotten stronger and doesnt break ever time I get a perm!


  5. Good Article admin
    I am surprized people are using some medical and unnatural methods to
    regrow hairs..Well hair loss is most peoples is because of
    some infection and If you are again taking treatment for this then those medicine
    will rise another problem.
    I have used a simple hair regrow formula which is fullly natural you can read the review of these on the link..Please stop unnatural ways they will create another problems


  6. Hello! My hair type is 3b/3c and my biggest challenge now is moisture and getting my curls back after the color stripped my natural curl pattern. I don’t want to cut my hair short again, it is passed my bra, but wany my curls back!


  7. I have been using different products on my curly hair and love using the Shea moisture products because of you but I finger tangle my hair and I see too much hair comes out. What do you recommend I do so my hair won’t fall out so much. I meet you last month at the Latina Expo in NJ. Thank you


  8. Simply wish to say your article is as astonishing.
    The clarity in your post is just nice and i could assume you’re an expert
    on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your RSS feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post.
    Thanks a million and please keep up the gratifying work.


  9. I have a 4 month old baby and I’m losing my hair intensely. It’s scary how my hair is falling out. This is t my first child so I’m aware of the issue but never have I experience it to this extend. Do you think this product will help strengthen my hair? What should I use? Don’t want to keep buying products that doesn’t work. Thanks so much for your help !


  10. I always had long hair and keep it, but it is very difficult to grow without breakage. I have tried every shampoo to help stop the breakage when I grow my hair out, and I have to recommend the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner to you – because its the only shampoo where I see a difference after one use. It smells very clean, not overly fruit or perfumed, which gives you a nice, natural feeling. I has great frizz control and I do not have the same hair breakage I used to have. The bets part is, a bottle lasts me like 2 months, cause you only need a little bit of the product, and it soaps up your entire hair! The Shielo Shampoo is similar to Fekaii (but better priced), but definitely better than a Suave or Herbal Essences. Suave makes my hair break alot!


  11. Hi Alba I just recently started watching your videos on YouTube . I was referred to you from a friend because she started using the shea moisture products and me and her are both curly hair girls. Due to heat damage my curls are slowly going away my hair is becoming very thin and I’m trying anything to get them back and was wondering if you have any tips on how to make your hair thicker..I have some products that got from the drugstores and wanted to know what steps to use them in


  12. I would love to try this deep condish! I have extremely dry, tight, coily hair that primarily contains a mixture of type 4 coils/curls. My biggest issue is dryness.


  13. My hair is like a 4z, fine, coarse. My hair issues are shedding, dryness, lack of shine, slow growth. Aye vay! It’s a lot. Enter me for the giveaway 🙂


  14. My hair is curly not sure the specific type .My biggest issue is the transformation from straightening my hair often and using other chemicals and now wanting to leave my hair natural.Also,my hair has been getting tangled lately ,therefore its falling out .I love your hair ,this blog and this post .I want to try this product hopefully it will help my hair .Also continue being great !


  15. I have tybe 3b – 3c hair. Finding the right products is a challenge because I have mixed hair but all of your hair videos help a lot. I have started using ACV to clarify and the doctor bronner’s soap as a body wash and they are amazing. My biggest hair issue right now is lack of moisture. My hair sucks up anything and it is so dry. I have been drinking a lot of water but I would love to try this product out as well. I hope you pick me alba but even if you dont thank you for all the help you have given me already.


  16. Anniongh Alba!!!!!! (eso es hola en coreano ;-)) Soy Nathalie, mi cabello es tipo 3c, nunca lo he estilizado con procesos químicos como alisado o ablandadores porque nunca me intereso perder mis rizos, pero mi cabello luego que termine el bachiller paso por un tiempo de descuido y deshidratacion, al momento mi problema es que su crecimiento es muuuuuy lento, y me gustaria ganar el giveaway para aprovechar esos beneficios que ofrece Camille Rose Naturals, vivo en Rep.Dom y como podras saber aqui el clima es muy caliente por lo que la hebra capillar sufre mucho, no es mucha la variedad de productos naturales que puedes encontrar y si hay entonces son muuy costosos, en serio serio serio me gustaria experimentar los beneficios de estos productos y poder ser un ejemplo de lo que podrian hacer. Hace unos meses en mi busqueda de un cabello mas saludable empece a buscar consejos, ahi encontre tu blog en instagram, me ha encantado todos los tips que das sobre el tema del cabello y por ti empece a realizar el co-wash. Me eh inspirado y lo he compartido con personas que a su vez tambien han puesto manos a la obra con ellos. En verdad espero ganar, Besos a ti y a tu bella familia!!


  17. Oh dear! I have no idea what “type” of hair my daughter has, but my husband is West African and I am Caucasian with slightly wavy but often mostly straight hair, depending on its length. I am trying to figure out how to better care for my daughter’s tight curls… Luckily we had a son first so I figured out the basics on him (poor guy!) then cut his hair short… but hers is always getting dry, especially now in the summer. The biggest problem has been keeping the hair in the back moisturized and detangled (she is not even 2 yet, so that is part . I’ve been looking at your videos though and I think I am missing a lot of steps!! Sooo… we’re going to try adding a few steps to our routine and see if it helps! I’d love something like this to give her hair a real boost!


  18. Hi! I have type 3c hair and you have really helped me with caring for and loving my hair. My BIGGEST problem right now is dry, frizzy tangles. My hair practically mats up in tangles in the back of my head. It becomes really painful trying to detangle in the shower because of the knots and lack of moisture.


  19. Hello! I am learning to care for my hair and learning a lot from your videos. I have a lot of shedding and sometimes get pimples on my scalp. I am trying methods to combat my problems. I am to transition from relaxed to natural and trying to learn what products to use. Your products you use will be helpful in my new hair journey.


  20. Hello! I’m around 16 years old and I’ve just started caring more about my hair (aka not putting it in a messy bun everyday ;]). I’m not exactly sure about my type of curly hair, but I am half african american and half …white? [Perhaps 3a-3c] Because of this, the result of my hair texture is that it has african american-like curls but is silky also. This has made it so that I have all types of different curls. Some are really tight, and others are only super wavy. I had a relaxer done a few years back, so perhaps that’s why. Your tutorials have been a huge help to me and I appreciate them! Being a minor and all, it’s pretty hard to buy all of these nice-but-expensive hair products, but I would still love to give them a go! Thank you!


  21. I have type 4 hair. My biggest issue at the moment is keeping my hair moisturized. Even when I moisturize it the strands still feel rough and dry out quickly… such a bummer lol.


  22. Your hair looks gorgeous as always! My hair type is a mix of 4am and 4b. My biggest hair issue right now is maintaining moisture in this FL heat and humidity!! Lol


  23. Hello Mrs. Alba.
    -I am subscribed to your blog, but I don’t have a sign in account… I just want to make sure that I am still qualified for your giveaway! 😉
    -I have 3/c-4/A I believe I’m not completely sure. ( the back my hair is loose like yours, and front its more tighter curls .. Should I cut my hair in the back to make it even OR is there something I’m just not doing right? lol )
    -My BIGGEST hair issue that I’m dealing with is the fact that my hair seems to be “puffy””DRY” at the top and curly towards the bottom… So i wind up just putting it in a bun or something because it doesn’t look right. its quite hard to explain what phase my hair is in right no, I’m going to tag you in my recent photo and show you! As well as comment in your photo like you said…. I’m going back to college, and this would be perfect to get my curls back to where they need to be! Thanks so much!


  24. My hair type is a 4b, 4c and I am at the “awkward twa stage” right now and it’s very difficult finding the right products and styling it!


  25. My hair type is 4b/c. My biggest hair issue is retaining moisture. If I could just find the right product for my hair! Thanks for the giveaway!


  26. Hi Alba. Thank you for the giveaway. I have type 3b/3c curls. My biggest problem is when I finger detangle my hair (after giving myself a scalp massage) I lose so much hair. I’m not sure if I’m breaking off my hair when I finger detangle. I think I’m no longer going to finger detangle because I think I’m breaking off my hair at the same rate that it is growing.


    1. I have medium porosity hair that is usually dry and frizzy and just soaks up product like a sponge. I really like your post so helpful.


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