Non Toxic – DIY Household Cleanser

Hi Sunshine’s!

Welcome back to my blog! Today I want to share a safe and simple way to make your own powerful “All purpose” household cleaner, using only 3 ingredients! Many household cleaners used on surfaces such as countertops, tubs, floors and bathrooms are filled with toxic chemicals and labels that read CAUTION, POISON, WARNING, or DANGER. Why?… because they are not good for us or our environment. These cleansers make our home appear cleaner but is it really “Clean” if  we have to risk our health by exposing ourselves to toxins daily in order to clean our homes? If we don’t lessen our exposure to toxins and chemicals in our living spaces we are basically contributing to indoor air pollution that can be harmful if inhaled or touched, or even poisonous if ingested. We not only harm ourselves, we harm our babies, pets & our environment.

Here is one of the many cleaning solutions you can safely make at home for great cleaning without the exposure of harmful chemicals and toxins. This cleanser will also save you money because its an all purpose cleaner that can last you months before buying another bottle (depending on how often you clean of-course)

Non Toxic cleaner

I used an empty spray bottle to mix and store a small amount of:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (Optional)

2. Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds

3. H20 Water

Directions: Add 1 cap full of Sal Suds and 2-3 table spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a clean empty spray bottle for easy use, and fill up the rest of the bottle with water to create a POWERFUL, NON TOXIC, ALL PURPOSE, SOLUTION that can be used on many surfaces to clean and disinfect.

Feel free to add more or less of these ingredients to the level you desire is needed for your cleaning. A small amount of Sal Suds diluted in water goes a long way to clean bathrooms, sinks, greasy dishes, stains, clothing & more…

Bragg’s ACV can also be used alone diluted with water in a spray bottle to clean and disinfect without the harmful toxic chemicals. Use ACV diluted in water to clean any  day and use Sal Suds diluted in water to clean any surface, item or clothing! These 3 ingredients are all Safe, biodegradable, natural, cruelty free and effective! Give it a shot 🙂

Dr Bronners Sal Suds


Have a healthy clean day!

– Alba



9 thoughts on “Non Toxic – DIY Household Cleanser

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  2. Hi Alba, I wanted to ask, what sunscreen brand do you use? I have been trying to go organic or all natural with my family we are the same complexion as you are, except my youngest son who is of very light complexion. The problem is every organic or natural sunscreen I buy, leaves us with a very white coating. I would so appreciate if you can recommend one. Thank you.


  3. I Alba I have a question I have curly hair like yours and I followed the instructions on one of your videos (how to style curly hair). You used diva curl low poo cleansing cream and the one conditioner as well as Shae moisters coconut milk and curl enhancer. I tried these products and unfortunately it does not work for me, it dries my hair out. Any other suggestions?


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