All About: Co-Washing & Clarifying

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I’ve started a series on my channel called “Healthy Hair Basics” to go through some important routines and techniques for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. To start off let’s go back to the basics in Co-Washing & Clarifying because these 2 are probably the most important steps in maintaining healthy hair & scalp. If you’re a curly girl, you may already know how important it is to never over dry your hair with shampoo or harsh cleaning agents that can make your hair feel brittle and weak. It’s also very important to not have weighed down, lifeless hair, without bounce or volume due to build up or overly moisturized oily hair. So these 2 steps on “CO-WASHING & CLARIFYING” shown in my NEW VIDEO work wonders when balanced together on separate days throughout the month.

— VIDEO — Healthy Hair Basics | How to: Co-Wash & Clarify | SunKissAlba

Co-Washing is short for “Conditioner Washing” or Cleansing with a Cleansing Cream. Most Conditioners have cleansing agents in the ingredients that clean hair just enough without over drying. Co-Washing is a step done in replacement of Shampoo. It can be done on occasions or by alternating your wash days using Shampoo one day and using a cream cleanser or Conditioner to cleanse the next time etc…  its all up to you and what you feel your hair requires. I Co-Wash about twice a month, One day a week for 2 weeks and I then follow up with clarifying my hair the next time I cleanse my hair or I simply shampoo my hair with my Aubrey Organics Hydrating Shampooand save Clarifying for the next time I cleanse. If you like to Co-Wash frequently make sure you are also keeping a healthy ph balance by clarifying as well. Every head of hair is different, so do what works best for your own hair. You can Co-Wash every single time you wash your hair if you want and that is also OK… just include a clarifying day somewhere in between to balance things out. I know many people who have NOT used shampoo in YEARS by using the combination of co-washing and clarifying.

Clarifying is basically deep cleaning your hair to remove product residue and build-up from products being used over time. Clarifying is meant to be done occasionally because it’s Deep Cleaning so it’s not meant for frequent use or your hair may suffer dryness. Some people prefer to use a cleanser like the Dr. Bronners cleanser and Some people like using Baking Soda rubbed on the scalp, the same way as ACV. Its all up to you and what you prefer for your own hair. All these methods mentioned are effective, I simply see much better results and benefits from using my ACV “Apple Cider Vinegar” as a rinse. The Smell does not last. I promise you my hair smells heavenly =)

1. EO Rosemary + Mint Conditioner

eo conditoner

Purchased at :—Volumizing-Conditioner-84-oz__636874090214New2.aspx

1. Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother)
– Purchase at WHOLE FOODS or any Health food Market


2. Dr. Bronners “Hemp Almond” or “Peppermint” 18in1 Pure Castile Soap
( I use this as a body cleanser and hair cleanser. It can be used for EVERYTHING )
– Purchase at WHOLE FOODS or any Health food Market

Dr. Bronners

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13 thoughts on “All About: Co-Washing & Clarifying

  1. cuidado con el acondicionador de la marca Eo, pues lleva en sus ingredientes, varios tipos de alcoholes y lleva Phenoxyethanol, un irritante muy toxico que puede probocar dermatitis de contacto o irritación…


  2. Hello, how often do you Co-Wash or Clarify and deep condition your hair. I believe you spoke about knowing your hair and it’s porosity but I wouldn’t know the difference or anything about hair and beauty! I have literally just started taking an interest in longer hair and this is overwhelming to me.


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  4. Hey Alba I’ve recently started to clarify my hair with ACV and I’ve noticed a huge difference. My scalp doesn’t itch anymore throughout the week and I can go for a whole week without having to wash my hair all thanks to you!!

    My biggest problem with my hair thou is it doesn’t grow from the back of my scalp towards the bottom. My hair is belly length from the two sides when wet and from the back it just passes my neck. What can i do to help this? Its also really thin I really want that big voluminous look but when i leave my hair down you can see right through it, so emabrrasing and it bothers me so much!!
    I will go to all lengths to fix this please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help it

    Lots of love from Australia ❤


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