Winter Dry Hair & Skin Routine + Holiday Look!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

I absolutely LOVE the Holidays! but I must admit living in NY isn’t easy. Cold weather and snow… is not a friend of mine! I’m Caribbean so I’m not built for this environment lol even though I’ve lived here almost all my life… this isn’t my nature. But here are some of my tips! Winter brings dry skin and dry hair so I’ve included some awesome winter tips in these videos featured below 🙂

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♥ Alba


3 thoughts on “Winter Dry Hair & Skin Routine + Holiday Look!

  1. Dear alba, I am 14 years old and trying to learn how to maintaine my natural curly hair. Your hair videos have helped me lots. And have helped me recover from heat damage. I have been constantly watching your videos for two years. I also have acne probs, but with your “clear skin video” my acne is clearing up. I appreciate EVERY video you have. Thank you for all your help. XOXO, your biggest fan


  2. Miss Alba,
    Thank you for posting your videos on natural hair. As a woman with 3c hair, I appreciate all of your tips not only for hair care, but especially for hair STYLING. Thank you, thank you for all you share with the world. Stay positive, keep posting and may you be warmed by the sunshine today.
    Much peace,


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