Summer Up-do’s for Natural Hair (Survive the Heat)

Hi Everyone!

As most of you may know I Live in New York City. I’ve lived here all my life so I’m kind of a pro at surviving the NYC heat. Summer in NY is insane! Sometimes I just don’t want to have my hair down at all although I do enjoy leaving my house with freshly washed, wet hair, because it feels cool on the skin as my hair is wet & the wind blows. but after a while… my hair air dries with the sun and I just don’t want to feel it around my neck or face so Up-dos are such a lifesaver during hot summer days no matter where you live.

Before you see my list of up-do videos Here’s a few easy up-do’s Rules =)

Rule #1: a girl must always carry some type of quick object to get your hair up & tucked away like a Scrunchie or a few Bobbi pins or BOTH!

Rule #2: Water isn’t just necessary to drink & refresh yourself its also a must when you need to remold your hair into a cute up-do to get a neater looking up-do. Water will re-hydrate your hair and re-activate products you previously applied on your hair making it easier to style when you want to bring it up into an up-do.

Rule #3: Keep in mind what looks best with you face frame.

** For Example: I look best with high up buns on the top of my head rather than mid buns or low buns (in my opinion) so do what works best for you and your comfort.

Heres a List of Videos that can help you create a quick and easy up-do this summer wherever you are =)

Hope You enjoyed!

PS: If you try out any of these up-dos send me a pic by using the HashTag: #SUNKISSALBA on Instagram =) I always Like & Comment on your recreated looks



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