Hello Summer Video’s!

Hi Everyone!

I hope youre all enjoying your summer so far! To help you make your summer a bit easier here are a few recent videos I’ve recently put together on my YouTube Channel. Hope you enjoy it =)

1. “Summer Curly Routine”

2. “Almost Summer Completed look”

3. “Soft & Sultry Glam with Color!”

4. “Fun Day Out – Big Bun & Makeup Tutorial”


Thank You all for watching!

♥ Alba




3 thoughts on “Hello Summer Video’s!

  1. Oh yes! Also! Would love to feature one of your video’s on my blog. If you have time, please let me know which video you’d like and if you could write a short summary about it then that would be great! Or, if you have any other ideas about how we can collaborate, please let me know. Love your style and your blog!


  2. Hi,Alba you know I will watch every single one of them. I have watch all your videos so far keep up the good work and keep the good profesional video coming . Enjoy your summer and I will keep watching. Thanks

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