5 Natural Remedies to Consider in Your Beauty Regimen!

Here are some of my Favorite Natural Beauty Remedies You may all want to consider incorporating in your Skin Care, Hair Care & Body Care Routines 🙂

#1: Coconut Oil “Unrefined” Cold Press

Coconut oil

To obtain the Best Full benefits within the tons of benefits of Coconut oil, Make sure the coconut oil you choose is “Un-Refined” and Cold Press / Organic

Coconut Oil Naturally Contains Vitamin E which is a huge necessity for our body internally and Topically.

♥ Benefits of Coconut Oil ♥

Take Orally 1-2 spoons of Coconut oil daily can: Contribute to weight loss, Boost Energy, Helps Your Memory, Regulates Blood Sugar, Enriches Mothers Breast Milk,  Helps you sleep, Release Free Radicals, Kills Bacteria, Acts as an anti-Inflammatory in the Digestive Tract because it contains Anti Microbial Properties & helps absorb Minerals

♥ Beauty Benefits ♥

Dry Skin Moisturizer, Acne Treatment, Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream, Sunscreen, Frizz Tamer, Great Deep Conditioner, Heals Rough Feet, Nail Growth, Cuticle Oil, Cold Sores, Bug Bites, Bug Repellant, Dandruff Remedy, Itchy Scalp, soothes Burns, Anti-Bacterial, Kills Foot & Nail Fungus, Massage Oil, Natural Deodorant, Prevents Stretch Marks, Heals Cuts & Scrapes,  Release Free Radicals (The List can go on forever)

Favorite Coconut Oil Brands: Dr Bronners & Artisana

Where to Buy: Amazon.com – Whole Foods – Fairway – or Local Organic Food Markets in your area

#2: Tea Tree Oil & Tea Tree Soap

Tea Tree OilTea Tree Soap

Again to obtain full benefits and purpose of the Tea Tree Plant its best used Organic, 100% Pure.

Tea Tree is an Anti-Fungal oil that can get rid of Bacteria, Dirt and Greasiness from Skin. It can be Diluted with water to your preference due to skin type. It can Clean skin, Prevent & Treat Acne Blemishes. Apply on Clean Skin with cotton ball on desired area. Thats it!

♥ Benefits ♥

Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Cuts & Scrapes,  Dandruff, Lice, Athletes Foot, Nail Fungus,  Purify Scalp & More…

Favorite Tea Tree Oil Brands: Desert Essense, JASON, Aura Cacia

Where to Buy: Amazon.com – Whole Foods – Fairway – or Local Organic Food Markets in your area

#3: Lemon in Water

lemon water

Tip: Use half a lemon to lighten dark spots on Face & Body. Use the rest of the lemon to apply as deodorant and underarm lightener.

#4: Raw Unrefined Honey


There’s a Difference in Benefits from Raw Honey and Liquid Honey (regular Store bought & Processed by heat)

OF-COURSE… RAW HONEY has the 100% Best Benefits for you.

♥ Benefits ♥

Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal, Anti Viral, Relieves  Cough & Soar Throat, Helps with Sleep Difficulties, Promotes Blood Sugar Control, Natural Preservative, Release Free Radicals, Boost Immunity, Heart Regulation, Anticipative for treatments of: Ulcers, Burns, wounds,

Apply Topically on Face as a Face Masque for Brightening skin Tone, Acne Treatment,  Promotes Natural Skin Glow.

Apply as Hair Masque to Liven Hair Color and Add Shine to Hair

Favorite Honey Brand: Y.S Organic Bee Farms

Where to Buy: Amazon.com – Whole Foods – Fairway – or Local Organic Food Markets in your area

#5: Aloe Vera (Organic) Gel

aloealoe gel

aloe benefits

Tip: Use “Aloe Juice” as a Hair sealer and Skin Toner.

Use “Aloe Gel” after Sun Exposure to Cool and Heal Skin Redness.

Brands: There are many Great Organic Aloe Juice & Aloe Gel available in most Organic Natural Food Stores like… Whole Foods, Fair way, etc… Im still in search for the Perfect Brand.

Thanks for Reading 🙂 ❤

♥ Alba


10 thoughts on “5 Natural Remedies to Consider in Your Beauty Regimen!

  1. Alba,
    Where do u get your hair cut??
    I live in NYC and am too scared to let anyone but my mom (and she just trims it) cut my hair. Thanks in advance.


  2. You know I never knew exactly what coconut oil was for, but I would put it in my shakes because my step-bro said it made the protein shakes taste better. It really makes them taste better and now happy to know that it also has a lot of health benefits. && love the lemon tip, especially because we have summer time fast approaching here in SoCal! Nothing like a healthy and cold glass of lemonade : )


  3. Do you have any morning after videos? I have issues getting my curls back in the morning. I am in the process of restoring my curls that were also “gone” due to heat damage. I still dont have them back but my hair is looking so much better. But in the morning i am a mess! any suggestions?


  4. Can I still restore my natural curls even though my hair is bleached? I don’t want to change my hair color back to black but I do want my curls. My curls used to look just like yours even after I bleached it (not right away) and then I started straightening my hair often and my curls look like the way yours did in the video you started your journey in! Help!


    1. Cutting down the amount that you use the heat will definitely help your hair. I suggest that you use deep conditioning masks and check out sulfate free conditioners etc (look into what will make your hair healthier) there’s a whole community on youtube of people that make hair videos will help you to regain your curl pattern.
      I’d say that to a certain extent you can get back your curl pattern, but also you should consider that it may not be exactly the same as before as bleaching the hair changes the actual structure of the hair.


  5. Hey, I just wanted to hit you up and tell you that you make some awesome videos, and I love your blog&channel. They inspired me to make my own channel and corresponding blog. I like that you use so many natural products, and this helped start me on my natural journey, now I always seem to have some kind of food in my hair/on my face lol.
    Keep up the good work; It’d make my day if you even commented back!


  6. I have watched some of your recent hair videos on YouTube. I was wondering about the egg and coconut oil protein treatment. If I give my hair protein, will it curl better? I fell like some of the curls (front, inside, sides) curl better then the rest. The others need encouragement and to be fixed (they are super dry). So bottom line is if they will curl better w/ more protein.


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