Do you Have Heat Damage?!

Hi Everyone!

As some of you may know my hair has changed alot the past 2 years due to experiencing Heat Damage back in 2011. My hair went from being all naturally curly to having straight wavy pieces half way down my hair and curly hair on top towards my roots. It was really annoying and I was so upset at my self for ruining my hair! I went on a Healthy Hair Journey to recover my hair’s health and recover from the Damage! Here are some tips and Inspiration to How I Recovered from the Heat Damage!


1. Be Patient (it wont happen over night) hair grows approximately 1 inch to 1-1/2 inch every 2 months

2. Avoid Heat (the easiest and quickest way to not adding on to the heat damage you already have is to NOT using Heat at all like I did

3. Use Moisturizing hair products (dont splurge on the expensive stuff yet until ur recovering a bit more and can develope and actual styling routine)

4. Up do’s are your BFF check out my >>Up-do’s playlist <<

5. Enjoy the Journey (the journey seems longer than it actually is when you worry and are impatient with the process) be realistic with yourself!

Heat Damge Thumbnail2 Heat Damage Thumbnail

Hope you found this Helpful 🙂 Please share to anyone you know who has Heat Damage! and Like this post ♥

♥ Alba


5 thoughts on “Do you Have Heat Damage?!

  1. Hey Alba! I’ve been watching your videos and I’ve been looking for an answer I need! I’ve started my journey to getting my curls back and I was just wondering how I can make them tighter eventually. Should I use the twist out method to encourage them or does keeping up with my trims and cuts going to make them tighter on their own.


  2. Hi Alba, how are you darling? I’m a fan of your channel and I just wanted to say that I love every video of you, I love your hair, your personality everything, I just want some advice 😦 I have a lot of heat damage and my hair is long and I want you to tell me if I should cut it shoulder lenght to get my curls backs my hair at this point don’t even get curly is pretty much wavy what should I do? I need your help asap


  3. Hi !
    I’m Ines, I’m french so… sorry for my mistakes ! I have same curly hair as you and I just want to know if you have some idea about how can I do one’s hair ! You know that pretty but it´s can be hard because i don’t know what to do ! I make a bun or i let them remove,and i want to change it. Anyway! Thank you to answer me soon ! And sorry for my bad english !



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