New Curly Videos for Natural Curly Girls!

Hello Sun Shines!

Just wanted to come on here quickly to Show you guys 2 of my latest Curly videos. I have a Get healthy hair video where I show the process of monthly care & recovery from damage. I also have a New updated Curly Hair Styling Routine with a new technique! These 2 videos are very informative and very helpful for anyone with natural hair like myself 🙂 hope you find this helpful and thank you all for watching! Love You’s!! -Alba


5 thoughts on “New Curly Videos for Natural Curly Girls!

  1. Thank you for being you and for all of the passion, knowledge, education, mentoring, and love that you are pouring out to the universe. I could sure use a curly haired “mentor/friend ” to talk to but don’t know any because I am somewhat isolated because of several health conditions. I’m on disability and as such, I’m not able to be active on social media to reach out to other curly girls/naturals. I’m trying to transition back to my natural hair and I’m trying to learn and educate myself but it’s becoming overwhelming with almost too much information and it’s starting to stress me out. Like I said, I would love to meet and make some curlfriends. Any advise? Thanks!!!


  2. My daughter has very similar hair to yours. It is often a struggle when doing her hair. Thank you for sharing your routine with us! You have beautiful curls!


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